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Buy top 10 Best Fitness Tracker Bands In India – 2022

1. MI Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4

When it comes to exquisite wearables, MI Smart Band is one of the well-known brands, and their fitness band is no different. Bringing in the revolution to your tight and busy schedule, this smart band is definitely worth a try. The MI Smart Band 4 features a 39.9% wider, full-color AMOLED touch display.

Product Features-

  • Sleep Monitoring- The MI Smart Band 4 will help you in timing your sleep cycle 4 times specifically into- light, deep, and sleep quality. It will provide a well-defined and comprehensive sleep analysis so that you can change it accordingly.
  • WristBand Alarm- Brace yourself to get up n the smart way with MI Smart Band 4. The smart band comes with a light vibration, that will help you in waking up gently so that you are not hurried or hassled as you start with your day.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring- Stay up to date with the 24/7 heart rate monitoring feature. MI Smart Band 4 will keep send you regular health updates thereby, keeping you safe and healthy.

Technical Specifications-

  • Weight- 22.1 g
  • Water Resistance Rating- 5ATM
  • Display Type- AMOLED
  • Screen Size- 0.95 inches
  • Resolution- 120 x 240 RGB
  • Screen Brightness- Up to 400 nits.
  • Screen Protection- 2.5D Tempered Glass with Anti-Fingerprint Coating.


2. Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 fitness smart band

Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2

Give your day a fresh start with Fitbit Versa 2 premium health and fitness smart band.

Product Features-

  • All-Day Activity Tracking:- Using this feature you can actively keep a track of your steps, distance, total calories burned, active minutes, and stationary time.
  • Built-in Alexa:- Undoubtedly the best feature about Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 will help you in keeping a check on the weather, set timers, control your smart home devices, and a lot more.
  • Menstrual Health Tracking:- A bonus for all the women out there! Get to know and understand your body a little better and deeper by keeping a regular check on your period cycle. It’s a Latest & Best Smart Bands Online in 2021

Technical Specifications-

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Operating temperature: -4 degrees to 140 degrees F.
  • Water Resistance to 50 meters.
  • Maximum operating altitude- 28,000 feet.

3.Noise ColorFit Pro 2 fitness tracker

Noise ColorFit Pro 2

ColorFit Pro 2 by Noise is a minimal yet classy smartwatch that is available at a starting base price of INR 3,499. ColorFit Pro 2 by Noise will take your fitness game to a whole new level.

Product Features:-

  • Stylish and Lightweight:- With its sleek and super-stylish appeal, feel cool and let your smartwatch do the talking. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is available in 4 different colors and is super sturdy.
  • A Comprehensive Health Tracker:- Right from sleep monitoring to heart rate monitoring, sedentary alarm, calories burned. Stay up to date in the fitness race.
  • Sweat and Rain Proof:- Rated on the ranking of IP68, you can sweat on it and even wear it during the monsoon season without much worry.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Resolution- 240 x 240 pixels.
  • IP68 Water Resistant
  • Powerful 210mAh removable battery
  • Bluetooth V5.0 is compatible with all the smartphones that are running on Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0.

4. HONOR Band 5 smart band

HONOR Band 5

Whether you are at home or in the office, redefine your style statement with the HONOR Band 5.

Product Features-

  • A Personal Health Trainer On Your Wrist:- Honor Band 5 comes with an advanced running planner which showcases high-level fitness and personalized health updates.
  • Your Personal Swimming Instructor:- HONOR Band 5 is water-resistant and swim-proof. It comes with a 6-axis sensor that recognizes 4 main swim strokes like freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. It’s a Best fitness tracker.
  • Your Sleeping Buddy:- HONOR Band 5 is well empowered by HUAWEI’s TruSleep technology which will help you in analyzing sleep quality, identify regular sleep habits.


Technical Specifications:-

  • Screen Size- 43 x 17.2 x 11.5mm
  • Weight- 22.7g
  • Screen Resolution- 240 x 120 pixels.
  • Battery Capacity- 100mAh
  • Chagring Technology- Charging Cradle.

5. Garmin Forerunner 245 smart band

Garmin Forerunner 245

Well, you do the running and let Garmin Forerunner do its work.

Product Features

  • Practice Different Ways to Workout:- Plan your routine workout well using the smarter tools that are readily available on the Garmin Connect Online Fitness Community. Using this feature you can customize your workouts, and even download free videos.
  • Carefully Analyze Your Running Form:- The Forerunner 245 GPS smartwatch has certain tools that will help you in improving your running pattern. The watch also focuses on vital running metrics such as cadence, ground contact time, balance, and vertical oscillation.
  • Better Sleep Monitoring:- This smartwatch is an excellent way using which you can actually keep a tab on your overall well-being and sleeping pattern. It also helps in estimating your accurate blood oxygen levels and will help you to utilize your body’s energy efficiently.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 38 grams
  • Battery Life- Up to 7 days
  • Display Resolution- 240 x 240 pixels.
  • Water Rating- 5 ATM
  • Music Storeage- Up to 500 songs.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch fitness tracker

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Well, not only smartphones, even the smartwatches powered by Samsung is 100% worth your investment.

Product Features

  • Track Your Fitness Progress:- Using the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, now you can easily track your fitness progress and conveniently measure body composition. Right from body fat percentage to skeletal muscle and body water get a complete analysis of your fitness progress.
  • Enjoy Workout Sessions With Your Friends:- Transform your boring workout sessions into fun ones by enjoying every single step with your buddies. Using this smartwatch you can easily track your steps and challenge your friends in a fun and healthy competition, using the live message board.

Technical Specifications

  • Display Type- Super AMOLED.
  • Weight- 42 grams.
  • Resolution- 360 x 360 pixels.

7. Amazfit Bip U Smart band Watch

Amazfit Bip U

Today, smartwatches have become a staple accessory that can even lift your basic outfit. Hence, Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch is one of those special smartwatches.

Product Features

  • Swim Stress-Free:- Now you can swim away from all your stress and worries and take a dip in the water in style. This smartwatch offers water resistance of up to 50 meters. Get ready to record your achievements underwater.
  • Customize As Per Your Preference:- All the information that is displayed by this smartwatch can be customized as per your need and preferences and you can choose and select the information which is important to you and you need it on the homepage of your smartwatch.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions- 40.9 x 35.5 x 11.4mm
  • Weight- 31 g
  • Battery- 230mAh
  • Charging Time- 2 hours
  • Touch screen- 2.5D glass + Anti-fingerprint coating

8. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch band

Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Did you know that the super cool Noise ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch will help you to identify and keep track of your fluctuating levels of oxygen in your blood.

Product Features

  • Track Your Own Oxygen Levels:- Now your health is in your hands. This smartwatch will allow you to keep track of your oxygen levels and will help you prepare better.
  • Manage Your Stress Well:- Apart from oxygen, it is equally important for you to keep a check on your stress levels and avoid both physical and mental burnout. It also comes with an integrated breath mode, this will allow you to breathe freely.
  • Well Balanced Sleep Cycle:- Good sleep is important so that the human body can function properly. The sleep monitor in the watch will allow you to calculate your total sleep time.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Life- 10 days
  • Charging Time- 2 hours
  • Stand by time- 30 days
  • Display resolution- 320 x 360 pixels
  • Display size- 38mm

9. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Watches fitness tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0

The ultimate activity tracker that will enable you to stay on top of your physical health.

Product Features

  • Calculate Distance, Steps, and Calories Together:- The ultra-stylish Reflex 2.0 has got you all covered. Right from tracking your steps, to distance covered, and calories burnt, calculate everything with the help of your smartwatch.
  • Don’t Miss Out Any Message Notifications:- Whether it’s a text message from your best friend or an important Whatsapp text, using Reflex 2.0 you can easily scroll down your messages.
  • Control Camera Like a Boss:- Reflex 2.0 will allow you to take the control of your phone camera thereby, allowing you to click selfies like a boss.

Technical Specifications

  • Display Type- OLED.
  • Battery Life- 4 days.
  • Weight- 180 grams.
  • Battery Tpe- Lithium Ion.

10. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle smart band

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

This urbane watch is something that is hard to resist and it is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Product Features:-

  • Make Way for Contactless Payments:- The Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle comes with an in-built Google Pay. Using Google Pay you can opt for contactless payments and stay safe. It’s Best budget fitness band in India.
  • The Multi-Battery Option:- You can easily charge your smartwatch within an hour and extend your battery life for multiple numbers of days using different modes such as- daily mode, extend mode, time-only mode, and custom mode.

Technical Specifications

  • Memory- 1 GB RAM, 8GB Storage.
  • Display- 3.2 cm, AMOLED.
  • Water Resistance- 3ATM.

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